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The new device from Oxygen, the OnePlus 9R is packed with a lot of high quality features. You can download your apps straight onto the device without any complications. Loaded with so many features, this smartphone from Oxygen delivers an enhanced CPU that ensures a smooth, responsive response time, enabling you to multitask while playing games, running multiple apps or multitasking while surfing the net. With 8GB of RAM, you are able to install multiple apps and run them simultaneously without any interruptions. A powerful chipset, Adreno processor and dual cameras helps to increase the power of this phone and boost the performance. The dual SIM slots along with four mega pixel camera help you capture sharp images. oneplus 9r

When it comes to camera, the Oxygen One has a built in camera that helps you get the perfect shots. With an in-built image processor, this smartphone from Oxygen has a built in image processing unit that allows you to shoot the perfect shot. The front-facing camera of the handset is just as good as those of other leading smartphones. However, it does lag behind in terms of zoom, optical zoom and video recording, but this can be fixed by upgrading the lens. The dual-tone LCD screen, 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and wide color display help to make the best of this phone.

Connectivity The connectivity of this smartphone from Oxygen is quite amazing, with support for GSM mobile network, CDMA and TDMA amongst others. If you’re planning to buy one, ensure that it comes with a SIM card reader, as most of these handsets come default with a SIM card tray. With GSM connectivity, you get constant network connectivity even when you are away from your home. Even if you travel regularly, ensure that the oneplus 9r comes with a high-speed international data plan. With a spacious 2GB slot in the RAM, this phone has all the connectivity options you could ever need.

Camera The camera of this smartphone from Oxygen is quite impressive, especially in terms of picture quality and speed. For a more affordable deal, you can opt for the oneplus 9r’s mini mode, which allows you to take just about any kind of photo, including high definition images. The pixel resolution on this handset is also quite impressive, although not as high as the one found in the iPhone 4S and iPad, which help to make the images look even better. To enjoy the best picture quality, download the free Oxytone Gallery app, which is preinstalled in this Android device. You can also view your email on the large, high resolution screen.

Storage The oneplus 9r comes with two separate built-in memory cards, which can be expanded with additional storage using an add-on card. The built-in micro SD card offers you a large storage space for video and photos. There is also a built-in card, which can be inserted using the USB cable, to enable additional storage for music and videos. There is also a pen drive, which can be used to add extra memory to the device. If you want to transfer large files using the NAS function, then connect the unit to the computer using the USB cable.

Although the oneplus 9r has many attractive features, one thing it lacks compared to the competition is its ability to deliver superior battery life. This Android smartphone is great for anyone who wants to have complete control over how long they will use their smartphone. The Adreno based processor that drives the device enables this high end smartphone to have powerful hardware and software that support excellent battery longevity. The ability to tweak the settings to your liking helps this smartphone have a huge battery life.

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